agosto 21, 2003

Porque me ufano do cinema ...

Willie: Well, we have a little age problem.
Marty: I know. We're as star-crossed as Romeo and Juliet. It's a tragedy of Elizabethan proportions.
Marty: If your feelings for me are'll wait.
Willie: Wait?
Marty: Yep. Wait five years. I'll be 18, we can walk through this world together.
Willie: You know in five years, you won't even remember me.
Marty: William.
Willie: I'm formed and you're not and you still have changes to go through. You'll change, then I'll be Winnie the Pooh to your Christopher Robin.
Marty: No literary references left uncertain. How do you figure, Pooh?
Willie: Well, Christopher Robin outgrew Pooh. That's how it ended, he had Pooh as a child and as he matured, he didn't need him anymore.

Do filme "Brincando de Seduzir, revisto ontem por mim.

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