outubro 30, 2002

Clássico Animaniac I

MOM: You must be careful on the meadow. There's no cover here from the hunters.
BUMBIE: I will, Mommy!
SLAPPY: -------------------
BUMBIE: Mommy? Mommy! Where are you!
{Bumbie's theme in minor key}
SKIPPY: Bumbie's mommy! Waaaaaahhhhh!
SLAPPY: Pat! I'd like to buy a vowel!
SKIPPY: Waaahh-hahhhhhh! Bumbie's mommy!
SLAPPY: Calm down, kiddo! It's just a movie! She's not really--
SKIPPY: Dead! She's dead! Bumbie's an orphan!
LADY: WHAT is that child's problem?
SLAPPY: Me! And in about two seconds, you're gonna share that problem!
LADY: Well! I never!
SLAPPY: Well, you should! It's fun!

SKIPPY: [Crying and moaning]
SLAPPY: Whaddya say we get some air, henh?
BUMBIE: Mommy?
LADY: --
SLAPPY: Say one word, and I'll throw dynamite down yer pants!
SKIPPY: [Sniffling]
SLAPPY: Ohhhh, use a tissue.

SKIPPY: But Bumbie wasn't a cartoon, it was a movie! Bumbie's mother is --

SLAPPY: Is it me? That mama deer was just an actress, Vina Walleen!
We were pals. She used to date George Jetson. Look -- have
I ever lied to you before?

SKIPPY: You said Keno was legal in Burbank. You said Magilla Gorilla
was a woman. You said--

SLAPPY: Can it. Lemme prove it to you. Enh, where'd I put that thing?
Ah, here it is.
{Slappy's theme}
I'm gonna take you to meet Bumbie's mom.
SKIPPY: Bumbie's mom? She's --- Waaaaahhhhhh!
{Bumbie's other theme}
SLAPPY: Oh, joy.
{Slappy's theme}
We're going to Tucumcari, New Mexico.
SLAPPY: To meet Bumbie's mom!
SKIPPY: Bumbie's mom? She's -- waaaaahhhh!
SLAPPY: Pavlov would love this kid.

{Bumbie's other theme}
SKIPPY: [Whimpering]
STEW'S: Would you like anything?
SLAPPY: Perhaps a sedative?
STEW'S: Huh? I don't get it?
SLAPPY: Go away.

SKIPPY: I feel airsick.
SLAPPY: Dissolve to the next scene, quick!
{Slappy's theme}
SLAPPY: Better?
ROAD-R: Beep-beep!
SLAPPY: Enough with the gratuitous cameos!
{Bumbie's theme}
Here we go! You meet Vina, and I avoid payin' huge therapy
bills when you're nineteen.
VINA: What?
SLAPPY: Vina, it's me!
VINA: Slappy! Slappy darlin', is that you?
SLAPPY: If it ain't, you better call my agent!
SLAPPY & VINA: Yah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ah-ha-ha!
{Auld Lang Syne}
SLAPPY: This is my nephew, Skippy. Say hello, Skippy!
SKIPPY: Hello.
{Bumbie's theme}
VINA: Well, come on in. I got some Wiener-Beaner mix up on the stove, and a six-pack of Fresca in the fridge.
VINA: ...so then Pebbles says, "Hey! Get yer own Bam-Bam, lady!"
SLAPPY: [Laughs] Ah? What's with you?
SKIPPY: That's not Bumbie's mom! She's old!
SLAPPY: Tactless, yet rude.

{Slappy's theme}
Hey? Could you do a piece of the old Bumbie bit for my nephew?
VINA: [Spins around]
{Bumbie's theme}
You must be careful on the meadow. There's no cover here
from the hunters!
SKIPPY: It is her! Bumbie's mom!
VINA: Boy! Them flashbacks don't last as long as they used to!
SLAPPY: Nothing does, baby!

[They laugh]
{Slappy's theme}
SLAPPY: Feel better?
SLAPPY: Let's watch the in-flight movie, eh?
SKIPPY: 'kay!
BOY: Here, boy! C'mon!
DOG: [Barks happily]
BOY: Old Yellow! Old Yellow!
Old Yellow...
SLAPPY: Uh-oh!
{Bumbie's other theme}
SKIPPY: Wahhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh!
SLAPPY: Fade out, already! We got the joke!

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